Alu Dibond wall mount review from saal-digital uk

Recently i cam across a add post on Facebook, now normally I would not click on these sites as generally they are crap, but I clicked on the saal-digital link as they advertises a GBP50 voucher if you review any of their products, so after looking into their web page I realized there products are similar to Whitewall products that I had used before, So I though ok Ill give this a go, I read other reviews people had made and they seemed happy.

What I did not come across was people doing a like for like comparison and as I'd used WHITEWALL before I thought I would do a review on the same product and see if there were any differences. 

First off you can order the prints online without downloading any software, what I could not find on the saal-digital site was an option the change from cm to Inch, unless I missed it, not a major issue but would be nice to have the option.

Ordering the print is straight forward, select type of wall mount, type of wall fixture, or framed option, size of print and your done, add to basket and do the payment and depending on what type if product you ordered it comes via DHL very well packed.

So side by side the products are identical same finish and quality, there's no fault there, where I found the difference was in the price options which I will detail below.

Price: for my  size option 33x16 inch

Print only: Whitewall GBP 62.95, Saal digital. GBP 77.95

Print with aluminium wall mount:  Whitewall GBP 85.95. Saal Digital GBP 97.95

That's a GBP12 difference which could be the shipping costs if ordered from Whitewall, I have both companies product samples and they are pretty exacting so with the same product the only difference is the price. Whether you use either company you are still getting a very good product, you just decide on how much you want to spend.

The bottom line is I would look at both companies to see which is better priced in the future.


From top left to bottom right.

Product arriving all warped up 1-3, front and side view 4-5, Whitewall's aluminum system as apposed to Saal Digitals system 6-7 and them side by side, Whitewall at the top 8