KT Tunstall, Mandela Hall, Belfast 30 October 2016

Sunday saw me drive down to Belfast from Portrush a mere 64miles to go shoot the very talented KT Tunstall at the Mandela Hall. This been the first time i was shooting there i left a little early, and made sure to stop off at Town Square coffee shop first to relax and have a good coffee.

So with the concert on a Sunday its always a risky move in terms of people coming to see the show, i know i felt a little lazy but once in the car, i could not wait to shoot her. 

Braids kicked off the evening, a three piece from Montreal, there music somewhat difficult to categorize, some would say artistic experimental, interesting tunes non the less, finally KT took to the stage sporting a Freddy Mercury look, it was Halloween after all.  As she warmed up the stage the on thing i admired and enjoyed the most was her interaction with the crowd, between songs she would not just head into the next tune, but chat to the audience and even took the time to do a onstage selfie with someone in the crowd even if she was wowed by the crowd do do it, she gave in.


She played all songs we know and love, and some new ones, my personal favorite Black Horse and the Cherry tree i sadly missed, a great night of music, the venue she chose was small and intimate which, for those lucky enough to get tickets, were in for a treat and a very special Tunstall gig.