Been Published Matters

So been published in a big name magazine is a rather big thing, for many photographers this is a dream they strive for, some get published often, others once or twice and some never, It kinda depends on many circumstances, good old fashion luck, knowing people, or your work actually been that good that magazines want to publish your work or want to know your story.

While I was in Birmingham a few months ago I met and had a chat with Mr Dave Clayton, the Kelbyone self proclaimed evangelist and all round nice guy. So while we were chatting he asked if I wanted to be published in the Photoshop User magazine which, Is distributed worldwide but published in the USA, and possibly a front cover, naturally I jumped at the opertunity.

So it was a kind of questions and answere interview, which was great as I have a great story into how I got into photography. SO while I did not make it onto the front cover, the photoshop awards guru beat me, Damn him I still made it into the magazine, which is great. A short story, but more importantly it gives a photographer a little more credibility been published, which when asked if you have been a published photographer can have long term benefits.

So been published does matter.